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Business Columns & Blogs

Digital revolution could put us on Mars

Go back 50 years or more and the future looked to be full of flying cars, atomic-powered robots and holidays on space colonies. Even during the Apollo era, Mars seemed likely within a decade or two, with human exploration around Jupiter a cinch by 2001, or so Arthur C. Clarke implied. That sense of post-Apollo letdown many felt in the following years has tended to persist, but all the while networking technologies were transforming our lives.

Business Columns & Blogs

Grandma wants to roll Coverdell IRAs into 529 plans for all 10 grandkids

Q. I have been contributing to Coverdell IRAs for my grandchildren for several years. It now seems apparent that they will all go to college and money for K-12 education will not be required. I am also contributing to 529 plans for all of them. Just to simplify the paperwork as I get older I’d like to get rid of the Coverdell IRAs. Do I have to cash these out to add to each of their 529 plans? If so, who pays the taxes and any penalties? Is there a way to roll the Coverdell IRAs directly into the 529 plan? Do you see any benefit to keeping the Coverdell IRA’s? I have 10 grandchildren so keeping up with 10 accounts would be much easier than my current 20!

Pooch a little paunchy? Here's a place to help him, and you, get in shape

VIDEO: Woofinwaggle, a fitness center and dog spa in North Raleigh, where people squat, lunge and lift weights while their pooches of all sizes and breeds stretch and balance on Bosu balls alongside them.

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