NC Zoo working to save orphaned otter pups

Two North American river otter pups were orphaned after their mother was hit by a car. Now the NC Zoo, Wildlife Resources Commission and NC Aquarium on Roanoke Island are working to rehabilitate them and hopefully return them to the wild.


Cat clings to van roof at highway speeds

The Rankin family was driving down I-480 in Omaha, Nebraska, on May 18, when they spotted a cat clinging to the roof of a van driving in the lane next to them. They were able to alert the drivers of the van so they could pull over and rescue the cat.

Man has tearful reunion with dog 3 months after the pit bull was kidnapped

Prak Dara and his girlfriend Kara Hills were reunited with their dog, Titan, on June 3 after he had been kidnapped from his home in Katy, Texas, three months prior. Titan was found almost 1,000 miles away in Greenville, SC thanks to his microchip.