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CNET: Best holiday gifts for home chefs

It's time to heat up your holiday shopping. If you have a family member who loves to cook, these gifts are perfect and you're bound to get something tasty out of the deal. Here our four of CNET's top picks for the chef in your life.


Ex-etiquette: For the holidays

I have been dating my boyfriend for almost a year and last month we decided to move in together. He was married previously, has two children, and they share equal custody of the kids. I see the kids every other week, and we get along great, but I have yet to meet his ex. According to my boyfriend, his parents invite her to all their family's get-togethers and it appears this Thanksgiving is no different. This makes me uncomfortable. Meeting her for the first time at his parents' home with everyone starring just seems wrong. What's good ex-etiquette?


Chris Erskine: We love gold, worry about orange

The sun comes up big and orange, like a harvest moon. The angry grit from the recent fires sends bloody beams of sunlight through the oaks and the chaparral. I can hardly sleep lately, for a variety of reasons, but if I could sleep, this alone would keep me up.


Ask Mr. Dad: Gender vs. sex. Yes, there’s a difference

Dear Mr. Dad: My 13-year old son told my husband and me that his gender identity is "non-binary" and that he wants to start using different pronouns – "they" and "their" instead of "he" and "him." We asked whether that means he's gay, but he just laughed and said that there's a big difference between gender identity and sexual orientation. I'm completely stunned and have no idea what any of this means. Our son offered to answer any questions we have, but we're too embarrassed to ask him. Can you help?


Living with Children: The AAP on discipline

The prestigious American Academy of Pediatrics has just released (November 2018) a policy statement claiming that "Aversive disciplinary strategies, including all forms of corporal punishment and yelling at or shaming children, are minimally effective in the short-term and not effective in the long-term. With new evidence, researchers link corporal punishment to an increased risk of negative behavioral, cognitive, psychosocial, and emotional outcomes for children."

How Thanksgiving almost didn’t happen in the South

Thanksgiving is a nationally recognized holiday celebrated each year in November, but for a period of time in American history, the South resisted the celebration.